Products & Services

Whitacre Wealth Management partners with our clients to look at their past, present, and future financial plan from a holistic and comprehensive viewpoint. There are many pieces to the puzzle when it comes to a sound financial plan. The pieces that Whitacre Wealth Management directly helps our clients implement are in the investment and insurance industries.

Have you ever wondered if your family would be financially okay without you? Do you look forward to the day that you can retire but wonder if you’ll have enough money to support your lifestyle? Are you putting away enough money to help fund your children’s education? Are you saving in the most tax-efficient manner? These are some of the questions that we help our clients gain clarity with and build a plan to answer.

Specifically, we specialize in life insurance, disability insurance, and long-term care insurance for the risk management portion of the plan. In the investment planning portion of our client’s plan, we manage and guide our clients using a combination of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange traded funds.

Other strategic planning areas include but are not limited to business planning, real estate investments, and debt structuring.